Today is Saturday, 19 October 2019

Asset management

La Pedrera TGN has been managing assets for 25 years. So if you have a property and you want us to manage the renting with the utmost professionalism and guarantee, please contact our asset management department and we will take care of everything. We will find you the best tenant ensuring you the utmost payments guarantees and the utmost profit. We will manage the bills payments, the formalities required to any breakdown or any other problem in order to ensure you the utmost tranquility.

Legal services

La Pedrera TGN provides a professional and trusting legal service that will give you good advice in regard to real estate issues.

Licences and permits

La Pedrera TGN provides a processing and management service for obtaining the municipal licences and all sort of the necessary permits in order to accomplish your activity: construction execution, occupation, start of activity, etc.

Certificate of occupancy

La Pedrera TGN provides a processing and management service for obtaining the certificate of occupancy.


La Pedrera TGN provides a communication service for all of its clients which main aim is to promote the communication with and between them.

Maintenance services

La Pedrera TGN wants its clients to have peace of mind and for that we offer a repair and maintenance service in order to avoid them as many problems as possible. We handle the management of breakdowns, repairs and refurbishment of properties. Moreover, we also offer both new construction and comprehensive rehabilitation of flats and buildings and any type of reform.

La Pedrera TGN

La Pedrera TGN is an estate agency from Tarragona specialised in a high quality buying-selling services for almost 30 years and in asset management services for almost 25. For years, we have earned the trust of our clients and have become a benchmark for real estates in our city.Read more »